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    Personalized Service

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The art of compounding pharmacy prescription medication is an essential part of the history of medicine. Long before drug companies produced medications on a mass production basis the compound pharmacy put together materials to end illness and to ease pain. This was done in an appropriate way for each individual case.  Now the compound pharmacy can offer patients the best of both worlds. The time- tested arts of compound pharmacy can now be put together with the most up to date technical methods. 

Destrehan Compounding Pharmacy, which is local to New Orleans, offers personalized preparations created by expert pharmacists using state of the art technology and dedicated to providing a superior client experience, whether you are a doctor or the patient. Destrehan Compounding Pharmacy partners with your physician to develop customized pharmaceuticals that deliver unique services and forms of medication. We are proud to be the pharmacy you can rely on to deliver high-quality, consistent compounds at affordable prices. In fact, we will only deliver quality and consistency,  Guaranteed on every order that we fill!

And although we love to have you visit, Destrehan Compounding Pharmacy also offers convenient free delivery!

We are proud to be bringing pharmacy work back to a focus on individual patient needs and doctor requests, and welcome your call to figure out how we can help you (or your patients) on the road to your best health!

Destrehan Compounding Pharmacy is able to provide you with:

  • Customized medications that are not available anywhere else
  • Specialized dosing or route of administration
  • Combined medications
  • Medications that may not be readily available on the market

Some of the services Destrehan Compounding Pharmacy provides compounding for a number of healthcare fields and patients, including:

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Anti-Aging/Dermatological Preparations
  • Topical Pain Medication
  • Wellness Supplementation

We enjoy providing information and education about compounded medications. Please, contact us to speak with one of our qualified pharmacists or click here to the pharmacy.

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